About the Artist

Audrey Markowitz

I have been creating “stuff” and making “messes” since I was 5 years old, using whatever materials I could find! I do the same thing today, but now it is called Mixed-Media Art and it is my passion. I am inspired by playing with paint, color, and layering; and I am fascinated by texture and working with different mediums and materials such as cloth, paper, and found objects. Nothing gives me more pleasure than putting on my favorite music (dancing a little in my studio), taking an idea, and with all my magical art supplies creating my heart out. How lucky can a girl get!

I am also a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT). And spent the past 13 years teaching over 400 students this beautiful and amazing art form that allows you to create beautiful images from repetitive patterns using simple tools. My earlier artwork incorporated much of this art form. It’s in the last year that I returned to my love of mixed media art.

I was born and grew up in New York. Today, I live in Carson City, Nevada with my husband, Tom, and our sweet dog, Sophie. We chose Carson City after a 15-month road trip exploring all 50 states. We did it in a van with a pup tent and did no interstate driving … all backroads. It was the experience of a lifetime! Now, living in northern Nevada surrounded by the beautiful Sierra mountains, the flora and fauna of the high desert, and open blue skies stirs my soul every day. 

I’m self taught and am constantly immersed in different art classes. “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will,” has been a guiding philosophy for me.

Life is beautiful … and it is also messy and imperfect; I embrace it all, along with a sense of joy and playfulness, when I create my art. Each piece is original and unique; there is no other one exactly like it! Each piece is created with love and the hope that it will convey something special to you and give you as much pleasure as I had in creating it!

Audrey shows her work at the Nevada Artist Association Gallery in Carson City where she has been awarded 11 ribbons in juried art shows, all for different pieces of her art.